Elements of Leadership

Maybe you can achieve your goals without other people's help. If, on the other hand, you're one of the 99.9% of us that need other people to help us then Leadership is going to be a very important skill for you.

The Elements of Leadership is our framework for becoming a better leader.

The groups run left to right: Who you are -> influences how you think -> which influences what you do -> which influences the environment you create -> which ultimately affects how others behave. That's leadership in a nutshell.

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Self Awareness Trust Action
Grit Responsibility Emotion Learning Planning
Self Improvement Fit Developing Listening Questioning Transparency Saying No
Courage Inspiring Roadmap Feedback Language Risk Excellence
Attitude Organisation Manifesto Mediums Confrontation Valuing People Creativity
Self Vision Communication Culture


Sa Self Awareness
Gr Grit
Si Self Improvement
Co Courage
At Attitude
Rs Responsibility
Fi Fit
In Inspiring
Or Organisation


De Developing
Ro Roadmap
Ma Manifesto


Li Listening
Qu Questioning
Fe Feedback
La Language
Me Mediums
Em Emotion
Cn Confrontation


Tr Trust
Le Learning
Tn Transparency
Ri Risk
Va Valuing People
Ac Action
Pl Planning
No Saying No
Ex Excellence
Cr Creativity