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Culture and leadership go hand in hand. With that in mind you want both of these elements to be at their absolute best if you expect great results. Book your free business leadership seminar today and we'll share the techniques you can implement right away to improve culture and performance.

Life Changing

In our free business seminar, we'll show you what it takes to grow your business without putting pressure on your people or your resources.


A Whole New Level

If you haven't created the right culture for your business, you may have inherited the wrong kind. Erase politics, inbox flooding and endless meetings and use our leadership seminar to help drive change and create the culture you and your team deserve.


Do you know how to work on, not in, your business? If you're missing opporunities to work on your direction and strategy, you're missing out on results. Use our free business leadership seminar to step into a new way of working - one that really works.


Seminar Agenda

Rudding Park

Tue 17th Sep 2019

8.30 am Tea and coffee
9.00 am Start
10.30 am Break
12 noon Lunch
1.00 pm Finish
Rudding Park


Only 16% of leaders are considered to be inspirational, learn how to be in the 16%!


We start with you. Once you're motivated you can motivate others.

Simple Changes

It's easy to make a change that will yield results. This leadership seminar will tell you how and explain what holds most people back from progress.

Simple Changes

  • Easy to understand techniques
  • Simple useful skills
  • Practical application insights
  • An answer as to why most management training courses aren't worth your attention or money.

Our Promise

  • No psychobabble
  • No complex, theory-based box ticking exercise
  • No impractical techniques, only the good stuff