Can crying at work be healthy?

There's no reason to be embarrassed because you cried at work or your job makes you cry. Crying at work stress is perfectly natural human response.

Can crying at work be healthy?

Lizzy Hill writing at Fast Company:

While 19% of criers sobbed over personal issues, 45% blamed tears on bosses and coworkers, 16% blamed their workloads, and 13% cited workplace bullying.

Some good stuff here about an important topic that is too rarely broached, emotions at work. There's no reason to be embarrassed because you cried at work or crying at work stress.

I feel having best practices for crying people is the same emotionless corporate approach that the article is trying to combat. The approach suggested seems to be about "quarantining" the situation the same way one would a biological outbreak.

All this is treating the symptoms rather than the disease though; shouldn't we be dealing with issues that are causing people to cry in the first place? Crying at work stress should never be happen full stop.

Many people feel awkward when others cry because they don't have the confidence in their own ability to comfort that person. This is a leadership skill most of us could be better at.

I don't see anything in this article that argues crying in front of others is beneficial in any way, some will always see it as a weakness. I see nothing wrong with the strategy of crying in private (like crying before work), composing yourself, and coming back to deal with the issue confidently.

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