It’s Not Your Fault

How to handle your imperfections

It’s Not Your Fault

While I was watching one of our participants make his final presentation recently he described himself as having faults.

As he was talking I realised I don’t like the word faults. I prefer the word flaw. You’re probably thinking, is there a difference? I think there is. Fault is too much of a blame word. Don’t play the blame game. When you can lay the blame at someone else’s door it lets you off the hook.

I like the word flaw better. Diamonds have flaws but they’re cut and mounted in a way to disguise the them. Not remove them. Disguise them, hide them. You may have flaws but that doesn’t mean you can’t work to minimise them.

No one is perfect, we all have flaws. Some flaws we are born with and some we pick up throughout our lives. Some are so deep seated that they can never be completely removed. But they can be covered up, no one need ever know that they exist. The trick is to cut them out or create other facets of our behaviour that hide them.