Inspirational Leadership Programme

A course for Experienced or Senior Managers. Learn to take the extra step from Leading to Inspiring your people.

Imagine feeling great every day. Feeling great about yourself, your family, your job. Feeling great about your journey to work, your people, your team. Imagine working in an organisation where everyone feels valued, they know the direction of the company, they want to be part of the winning team. Imagine going home each night feeling like a winner. Feeling positive about today, tomorrow, your future. Our results provide all of this and more. With an approach that has delivered demonstrable business benefits in terms of increased profitability together with employee morale and empowerment, Quarterdeck can turn your business around and show you that there are no limits to what can be achieved.

Improve your leadership style

Employees...Clients...Other Executives...Family...Friends What do they see when they look at you? Would you like to know how others perceive you?

Through the Inspirational Leadership Programme you will learn how to improve the way you are perceived through your image, your attitude, your motivational skills.

What's Included

You'll Learn How To

Leading for the future

The Inspirational Leadership Programme has been designed to coach and develop first class business leaders and managers. The programme is tailored to empower you and the people within your organisation to consistently deliver a superior performance.

The programme incorporates:

You will be provided with the tools to enhance your personal impact at all levels in order to gain cooperation and achieve business success.

Open to Executives, Directors and Senior Managers only

The programme is exclusively tailored to your needs to ensure that you are able to fully exploit the potential in yourself, your organisation and your people.

As a leader, every aspect of your performance is in the spotlight. Through customised coaching, the programme will help you to establish an even more professional image, which will achieve long lasting benefits for you and your organisation.