Inspirational Leadership Programme

Designed to inspire change and prompt new behaviours, this inspirational leadership training is head and shoulders above those 1-day communication or presentation skills training courses you’ve read about!

Join our hugely successful clients in being better managers, creating better managers and inspiring others. Not your typical management programme, this training course is delivered in seven sessions with both group and one-to-one learning with expert instructors.

  • No jargon
  • High level training course for Directors and upper level middle managers
  • Learn how to improve yourself and deliver advice to other on doing the same
  • Presentation and communication skills to boost your professional and personal lives

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Table of Contents

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Because of the highly personalised 360° analysis and 1-to-1 coaching everyone gets a unique experience tailored to them. The programme is structured in a way that becomes an almost bespoke course for everyone who takes it. However these are some of the general areas covered.

A True 360

A real 360 view will take into account your personal and professional approaches to situations. If you have a stressful day at work can you honestly say it doesn't affect your personal life and vice versa? You're one person, not two. The different parts of your life feed into and affect each other. That's why our true 360° assessment takes feedback from all the important people in your life: from work and home. Each participant will be working on different things through the training that were identified in their 360° analysis.

Management vs Leadership

Any time people interact there is an opportunity for Leadership; whether you're running errands or running a company. Management tends to be all about criticism and punishment. Leadership is about inspiring people to action. Which do you think gets better results? Being a leader is hard work, it’s much easier to tell someone off. But is anything worth having easy?


Feedback is one of the most important tools for a leader. Why do most people struggle with it? Some people feel awkward giving negative feedback, others struggle with positive feedback. To be a great leader you need to do both in the right way and in the right mix. People need to feel valued but they also need to work on weak areas. We teach participants how, why and when to give feedback and the exact techniques for doing it successfully.


We cover the difference between Knowledge, Skills & Attitude. In order to change our behaviours we need to change the way we think. Attitude makes the difference between an inspirational leader and a boss. If you can’t control your own attitude to someone cutting you up on the journey into work how can you expect to do it when someone frustrates you in the workplace.

Presentation Skills

The programme hugely improves confidence and the ability to present. We have simple structures participants can use so they're confident in what they are going to say. Presenting every session builds confidence. People who start the course terrified of standing up in front of their classmates end up giving extravagant presentations in front of strangers by the time the course ends.

Coaching and Developing People

Participants learn how to develop, inspire and motivate others around them (including suppliers and customers) which means the effects of the course ripple out through an organisation improving the performance of more than just those on the course.


Communication is obviously another massive factor in any leadership training for managers. We give participants techniques regarding what to say, when and how to say it. Of course we also cover what not to say!

The Format

This isn't your typical two day workshop for managers. There are a total of seven sessions, the first four occurring weekly. Then with a two week break before the fifth and sixth which comprise a two day session. Then a final session three months later.

All this takes place in inspiring surroundings where participants can focus on getting the best out of the training and themselves.

What you can expect

  • Presentations from the instructors
  • Round table discussion
  • small group discussion and exercises
  • buddy work
  • Luxurious surroundings

What you won't get (yes some of our competitors actually do this)

  • Lectures
  • Writing essays
  • Grotty conference rooms in motorway service station hotels

Who's it for?

The ILP is a high level leadership training programme and is ideally suited for Director level or upper level middle managers. Anyone in any level of management would benefit from the universal principles discussed on the course but we have other leadership programmes that may be more suitable depending on a person's experience.



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