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Designed for experienced or senior managers, The Inspirational Leadership Programme will boost your skills and help you learn how to move from leading a team, to inspiring one.

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You can’t learn karate at a 1-day seminar

No one ever took one karate class and thought: "Now I know karate!"

So why do we go to a 1-day communication or presentation skills training course and think: "Got that sorted!"?

You can't work on it for a week and compete with people who've been doing it for years. It takes consistent work. Learning, practise and feedback.

Management and leadership training aren't any different. Which is why our inspirational leadership training is unlike your run-of-the-mill courses. While something is better than nothing, more ‘off-the-shelf’ sessions only provide enthusiasm and change in behaviour for a couple of days or a couple of weeks at best. If at all. Our programmes are engineered to inspire and generate long term behavioural change and to deliver real business results.

That's why we get feedback like this:

The ILP has provided more value to us than a previous £40,000 Ivy League University leadership programme. – John Billson, Beijer Ref
I can truly say after many years of training with other companies and in-house trainers Quarterdeck are the best and most inspirational by a nautical mile. – Wayne Chapman, NCI

Theory and Practice are not the same.

This is why traditional leadership training doesn't provide lasting results. That's why our programmes are engineered to inspire change and prompt new behaviours not just impart knowledge. We live in the smartphone age, all human knowledge is at our fingertips and seconds away, yet we face the same obstacles we have for thousands of years. If knowledge was all that was needed we'd all be billionaires with perfect bodies.

We know that the only way to get lasting change as managers is to put theory into practice every single day in the real world. Being truly inspired and then having someone to keep you accountable is the key to results and why our leadership training works.


The Format

The ILP is designed, as we said, for lasting change. This isn't your typical two day workshop for managers. There are a total of seven sessions, the first four occurring weekly. Then with a two week break before the fifth and sixth which comprise a two day session. Then a final session three months later.

All this takes place in inspiring surroundings where participants can focus on getting the best out of the training and themselves.

The Important Bit

Between each session every participant is asked to go back to the "real world" and put the skills they discussed into practice. The most important thing is that participants are expected to come back in the next session and deliver a prepared presentation report to the group on what they did and the results they achieved. It's this important accountability that "forces" people to put new skills from the training into practice, not just have a nice chat about them at a workshop. No one wants to come back to stand up at the front of the room and say: "I didn't do anything."

Key benefits of our approach on this leadership programm​e:

  • Group learning - share experiences, understanding, advice and learnings with between eight and 14 business leaders. Plus bonus networking!
  • One-to-one - Our experienced instructors will call you and discuss your weekly challenges with you to help inspire you and ensure you stay on track.
  • Expert instructors - With hundreds of successes under their belts, our instructors will boost your accountability, working alongside you to generate real, impactful change that endures long after your training.

Is it for me?

If you're looking for a jargon filled, ILM accredited, theory-heavy, box ticking exercise then we're probably not for you. We want those seeking an inspirational step forward. If you're a forward thinking leader looking for real behavioural change and real business results then we'll achieve great things together.

We don't want to work with everyone, we only want to work with people who are serious about their development.


Will I Benefit?

The ILP is a high level leadership training programme and is ideally suited for Director level or upper level middle managers. Anyone in any level of management would benefit from the universal principles discussed on the course but we have other leadership programmes that may be more suitable depending on a person's experience.

All our programmes are built on the same core principles but are tweaked to get the most out of particular levels of competence.

The Leadership Development Programme would be better suited to those new to management or for graduate programme members.


What will I learn?

It's almost impossible to describe what content people will cover during the ILP. Because of the highly personalised 360° analysis and 1-to-1 coaching everyone's needs are unique so everyone gets a unique experience tailored to them. The programme is structured in a way that becomes almost a bespoke course for everyone who takes it. However these are some of the general areas covered.

A real 360...

Lifestyle and work style, the two are interlinked. A real 360 view will take into account your personal and professional approaches to situations. For example, if you have a stressful day at work can you honestly say you don't take it out on your family when you get home? We've all done it. You're one person, not two. The different parts of your life feed into and affect each other. That's why we take a holistic approach to leadership and seek to inspire both your personal and professional lives.

That's why our true 360° assessment takes feedback from all the important people in your life: from work and home.

The results of every 360° analysis are as unique as the person it's about. Each participant will be working on different things through the training that were identified in their 360° analysis.


Management vs Inspirational Leadership

Any time people interact there is an opportunity for Leadership; whether you're running errands or running a company.

Management tends to be all about criticism and punishment. Leadership is about inspiring people to action. Which do you think gets the best results?

The trouble is, being a successful leader is hard work. It’s much easier to give someone a rollocking. But is anything worth having easy? We show participants the skills and techniques they need and support them as managers to do the hard work of implementing them.


Feedback is one of the most important tools for a leader. Why do most people struggle with it? People usually fall into one of two groups:

  • only give bad feedback
  • only give good feedback

Because they do whichever feels easier to them and avoid the one that makes them feel awkward.

To be a great leader and get the best performance out of people you need to be comfortable giving all kinds of feedback and give it in the right way and in the right mix. People need to feel valued but they also need to work on their weaker areas.

We teach participants how, why and when to give feedback and the exact techniques for doing it successfully. You can still inspire while delivering advice on areas for improvement.


We cover the difference between Knowledge, Skills & Attitude. In order to change our behaviours we need to change the way we think.

“We cannot change our past... we cannot change the fact that people will act in a certain way. We cannot change the inevitable. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude. I am convinced that life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it. And so it is with you... we are in charge of our Attitudes.” – Charles R. Swindoll

Attitude makes the difference between an inspirational leader and a boss. If you can’t control your own attitude to someone cutting you up on the journey into work how can you expect to do it when someone frustrates you in the workplace. As we've already said you are not two people, your behaviours need to be consistent, practised every day in all situations, not just when it suits. This training nurtures those leadership qualities and hows you how to use them.

Presentation Skills

This is not a presentation skills training course but going through the programme will hugely improve each participant's confidence and ability to present in front of people.

We have developed simple structures with which participants can build their presentations so they're confident in what they are going to say. The constant exposure to presenting week after week inevitably builds confidence. People who start the course terrified of standing up in front of their classmates end up giving extravagant presentations in front of strangers by the time the course ends.

Coaching and Developing People

Participants learn how to develop, inspire and motivate others around them (including suppliers and customers) which means the effects of the course ripple out through an organisation improving the performance of more than just those on the course.


Communication is obviously another massive factor in any leadership training for managers. We give participants techniques regarding what to say, when and how to say it. Of course we also cover what not to say!


Praise for the ILP

It was great taking the time for a good few hours per week to focus on personal improvements. I am using the techniques to make a difference. The main thing our business has gotten from this course, is that it has actually brought a group of us together and much closer than we have ever been before. We are engaged in a way that we never have before, both at work, socially and emotionally. Quarterdeck is a fantastic structured way to engage with yourself, pushing your own boundary’s and self-understanding. Being challenged and challenging your own behaviours and attitudes is essential to anyone’s professional and personal growth. Without question Quarterdeck supports the journey, acting as the catalyst to a better you. – Alan Dickinson, Hermes-europe
Fantastic course, a real eye opener and thoroughly enjoyed. Communication is key in my working environment and it has vastly improved since the Leadership course. Myself and my team are now much happier. – Matthew Ellam-Bannister, Beijer Ref


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