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Designed for those ready to leave their comfort zone behind. Cutting edge leadership skills delivered in a groundbreaking format. Use this to elevate yourself further or train your team, taking them to the next level.

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Introducing the Quarterdeck Masterclass Series

The Elements of Leadership Masterclass Series is that programme. The Masterclass Series is a succession of half day workshops, one every month. Each masterclass will tackle a single aspect of leadership, culture, management, business or personal effectiveness. Pick and choose which to attend, or subscribe so you guarantee your places and don’t risk missing a single one.

All content is totally brand new and fresh, based on our highly detailed leadership + culture framework: The Elements of Leadership.

Each class will be a mixture of our experience and knowledge, the latest learning from studies, business books, Ted talks and many other inspirational sources.

Low Cost, High Value

Most of our programmes are very high value, some as high as £7,000 for a single place. There is good reason for this: we provide a 1st class service for a 1st class price.

We've priced the Masterclass Series so low there really is no excuse not to sign up. Each class is £100 + VAT. You probably spend more than that on printer toner.

Although we've slashed prices for this programme we haven't skimped on the quality. When we're planning each session our No.1 aim is to deliver at least 10x ROI on each participant's investment. If you come to every session in a year that's £12,000 a year value, per seat!

Once you buy a seat that place is open for anyone from your company to attend. Or anyone outside you company if you like. That means for the same price you can train up to 12 people in your company rather than just 1.

Laser Target Specific Issues

Because you can send anyone along to take your seat in a masterclass that means if Bob has a weakness with communication he can attend just that session and Alice can attend the session on presentations if that's what she needs. This way your company can get the maximum benefit from your training investment.

Quarterdeck in your company for longer

Our clients tell us that when their people have been on a Quarterdeck session they come back in to the office buzzing. The longer you have Quarterdeck involvement in your business the greater the cumulative effect of all the training. People are more focussed, more motivated and better leaders when they have attended a Quarterdeck session but this effect also trickles down and out so that everyone around the attendee benefits. The sessions are designed to be spoken about back at the office, passed on to everyone so that the entire business can benefit just by buying one seat. As we said, it’s a no brainer.

Upcoming Classes


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  1. Mon 29th Jul 2019 Having Difficult Conversations Read More
  1. Mon 19th Aug 2019 Motivating Others Read More
  1. Mon 23rd Sep 2019 Positive Mindset Read More
  1. Mon 21st Oct 2019 Dealing with Stress or Burnout Read More
  1. Mon 25th Nov 2019 Problem Solving Read More
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