The Ultimate Leadership Programme

Designed for those ready to explore the relationship between personal growth and professional success.

You’ll be in the company of many successful brands when you step out of your comfort zone with this specialist leadership development course.

  • Learn how to manage life and business better
  • Build productive habits into your personal and professional routines
  • Combine business acumen and psychology to boost your performance
  • High level management course for leaders and those your business couldn’t be without!

Table of Contents

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Ensure the continuity of your leadership team, but also raise their performance to unprecedented levels. How would your business look and operate if all your Execs had unlimited energy, incredible focus and determination? What about if even when they were away, your team ran seamlessly...sounds good, right?

Building Habits

Participants get a real opportunity to build habits into their lifestyles. When life gets busy we start to let things slide, feeling like we can’t fit everything in. It seems too much to tackle everything, but often one change can make a huge difference. We’ll help you navigate your way through the confusion, developing calm organisation and core practices.


Your body is like any machine. The food you put in your body is your fuel. The quality you put in will reflect in the quality of your output.

Physical Fitness

Whereas in the past corporations seemed happy to chew up and spit out their execs, ‘corporate wellness’ is now becoming the new normal, as companies realise the benefits of a happy and healthy workforce, rather than the traditional under pressure and stressed out.


Lack of sleep is recognised as being as dangerous to our health as tobacco was 30 years ago. In this programme, we’ll look at your sleep habits and assess how to improve the quality and quantity you’re currently getting in order for you to access al the benefits above.


Strength training is about all round fitness and will help increase mood, energy and performance as well as help prevent illness and diseases. Numerous studies have established a positive link between physical exercise and cognitive performance as well as preventing diabetes, heart disease, cancer, stroke and dementia. In a Swedish survey of 3,000 managers, more than 90% said that physical exercise had a positive impact on their leadership skills.

Mental Resilience

Developing Mental Determination will help you stick to and achieve your goals, give you the courage to say No to the things that aren’t important and stick to the things you know you need to do. Marcus Aurelius, Emperor of Rome continued to work on his mental resilience every day. Knowing it was the only way he could be a great leader. Being resilient is not about never falling down. It's about standing back up when we do get knocked down.


We strip the nonsense away from mindfulness and meditation and teach a practical pragmatic approach. Tim Ferris while interviewing hundreds of top performers from a range of industries found that 80% of world leaders in their field had some sort of daily meditation practice. It's not just for hippies.

Building a Culture

No matter how well prepared you are you can’t control everything. If the worst comes to the worst and we can't prevent terrible things happening, your senior leaders need to be developing and building teams that are well prepared to operate without them. The goal of any serious leader is to build a business or a team that works without them, to create a culture that survives them.

The Format

Like all our other leadership development programmes the ULP is designed for lasting change. This isn't your typical 2 day workshop. There are a total of 14 sessions, the first 4 occurring weekly. Then increasing to fortnightly, three-weekly and monthly, with a refresher session 3 months after the official ‘end’ to the programme. With smaller groups and a much longer time period than other programmes we can afford to deep dive into the psychology of why we do what we do and individual areas of a participant's needs.

All this takes place in inspiring surroundings where participants can focus on getting the best out of themselves.

What you can expect

  • Presentations from the instructors
  • Round table discussion
  • Small group discussion and exercises
  • Buddy work
  • Luxurious surroundings

What you won't get (yes some of our competitors actually do this)

  • Lectures
  • Writing essays
  • Grotty conference rooms in motorway service station hotels

Who's it for?

Think about the people important to the ongoing success of your company. Is there someone whose sudden health emergency would place your business in real difficulties? The ULP is for them. High level leaders. People who have a large effect on your business. Someone who, if you lost, would significantly impact your company.



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