Radical Candour Workshop

Too often we bury our heads in the sand too avoid uncomfortable truths. But we can't improve ourselves or our results while we're acting this way.

Do you really want to know what others think of you? Could you be totally honest with your colleagues, your friends, your bosses?

To create an atmosphere of excellence we have to tell people where they’re going wrong sometimes.

Radical Candour is an approach that gets straight to the point and tells it like it is. What are the benefits of such a concept? Does it kill or cure?

This session explains how to deliver Radical Candour without destroying a person’s confidence. Also, how to ask for, accept and act on feedback gained from seeking Radical Candour - the most important skill in self development. A very practical session which will encourage a feedback culture within your business and enable it to push forward for growth through honest appraisal.

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