Struggling With Your Workload Workshop

It's very tempting to do everything ourselves either because we don't trust other people's standards or we feel like we can't say no to incoming requests.

Do you often feel as though you could explode, or even implode? Do you think that if just one more thing lands on your desk you will cry? Do you hear yourself saying phrases like, “I just don’t have the headspace for this right now.”

You are not alone. And we can help…

Overwhelm is a very real issue in the constantly ‘on’ world of today. This session looks at how we got to where we are now and how to instantly take control of what is causing the overwhelm. We’ll look at your circle of concern and your circle of influence and make decisions on how to effectively end the feeling of overwhelm forever.

If you’re thinking you can’t possibly come to this session because you don’t have the time, then you probably need to come to this session…

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