Toxic Thinking Workshop

For anyone managing a person with a victim mentality. Anyone who grumbles about being more busy, stressed etc than everyone else.

Sorry, You Are Not Special. Or rather you are not unique. Thinking life is unfair or that it’s more difficult for you leads to a victim mindset. Having a victim on your team is toxic.

“A victim mindset dilutes human potential. By not accepting personal responsibility for our circumstances we greatly reduce our power to change them.” Steve Maraboli

Eliminate the feeling of entitlement within yourself and others. Create a culture of energy, vim and vigour. Drive out moaning and negativity, bring warmth, humour and life to the office.

This session examines our potential to evaluate our own experience as worse than others’. The damage this can cause in a team and how to break free from this way of thinking. You will leave with the ability to identify and eradicate toxic thinking in the workplace.

“Your problem may be worse, but mine is happening to me.” Arthur Miller

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